Friday, September 11, 2009

Are You Living Life or Is Life Living You?

An analogy of life can be seen in this short story. Life is like riding a wild stallion called “Time”. Everyone has their own stallion called Time. Now the horse “Time” is bred to travel down the paths of life, and there are many paths to take. It’s up to each rider to keep control of Time and to guide him down the specific path which is the rider’s choice. Time won’t wait, he’s continuing moving in any direction, that why it’s important to keep him under control by the person riding him. As you may know, in order to control a horse you have to be seated in the saddle looking forward with both hands holding the reins and to keep both feet in the stirrups. There will be times when the rider may be distracted by things around him and not focus on the direction that his horse is taking. The horse may to wander in any direction, or else there may be times when the horse gets startled by something on the path which and causes the rider to lose temporary control. The worst thing that could happen is that the rider can get bucked off and dragged by his horse, with one foot still in the stirrup. Remember the purpose riding Time is to choose the path of life that will make you a better person on your way to your goals and your destiny. The moral of this story is that life paths are full of bumps in the road, valleys to overcome, mountains to climb, unforeseen hardships that must be endured. Life is full of curve balls that come out of nowhere that hit you upside the head that will daze you. Life will cause you to lose control at times, go in the wrong direction, fall off or even get bucked off your horse. The question is will you just lay there and allow Time to drag you any where he pleases, or will you get up back on your horse and ride to your destiny? My prayers for every reader of this book will have the courage to get back up, no matter how many times you may fall off your horse, to get back up and continue riding down the path of life. God Bless you! Rewarded for being me Find your Passion List five things you really enjoy doing. List the three most favorite things you enjoy doing. List the one you can't you in your heart can't give up.


  1. Life is a pile of problems, a pile which keeps rising all the time with small and big multi-dimensional difficulties and issues. Best and most successful are those who keep solving these problems and issues, one after another, assigning priority to each, and they do it with a cheering face for the betterment of human kind.

  2. nice blog, you have your good points pal...
    happy blogging...

  3. Hi Tony,

    Great post, certainly makes you think and look at you life, I realize I need to travel more.

    Thanks for the reminder that we need to live life now, you never know what around the corner.


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  5. Bless you,great post.